Boston Phoenix Publisher: ‘Change is the engine that drives us all’

Phoenix Media/Communications Group publisher & chairman Stephen Mindich reflects on the final issue of the Boston Phoenix, which will relaunch next week as a glossy called The Phoenix:

We’ll still be weekly. We’ll still be free. And you will still be able to find us in those big red boxes all over town.

Our aim — simply put — is to make the editorial mix richer: the sharp bead on politics, the smart take on arts and entertainment, and the unpredictable points of view in reporting trends and events will still be hallmarks. But as you follow along as The Phoenix magazine moves forward, you will see that our depth and breadth have expanded to include fashion and design; coverage of the personalities that give Boston its energy; and even more on dining and drinking and nightlife.

Change may be a constant in life, but these days, it has a special imperative. Change is the engine that drives us all. It challenges individuals and institutions alike — not to just keep pace, but to forge ahead.

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