According to FBI documents obtained by the Washington Post via FOIA, the bureau "closely tracked the grand and mundane aspects of the acclaimed novelist's life" from 1962-1977. It all started when notorious FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover read a Mailer essay on Jacqueline Kennedy in Esquire in 1962, and decided that he needed more info on the author and social critic, who helped start the Village Voice in 1955. The Post obtained 165 pages of the FBI's 171 pages on Mailer, many of which were stamped CLASSIFIED and SECRET and SUBV. CONTROL, apparently referring to a program to watch suspected subversives, the Post reports.

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Former South Florida Sun-Sentinel writer Buddy Nevins has sued the New Times Broward-Palm Beach writer and VVM for defamation and invasion of privacy/false light, the Sun-Sentinel reports. Nevins claims that Norman falsely stated that he was forced out from the daily paper over a story that later had to be corrected. Nevins also alleges that Norman falsely claimed he had an "unholy alliance" with lobbyist Ali Waldman that "ruined" him as a reporter. "This may get interesting, but there is no joy in Pulpville tonight," Norman writes on his blog, the Daily Pulp. "I like Buddy and believe he's done awesome work in his career ... but I stand by my work and wish Buddy the best."

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Writing on the New Times Broward-Palm Beach's Daily Pulp blog, staff writer Bob Norman says "Ortega's announcement at a meeting yesterday left the staff under what I can I only describe as a funereal pall." He predicts Ortega "will sit in the editor's chair at the Voice for as long he wants to be there," because he has "the temperament to weather the shitstorm" and the "hard-earned trust" of Village Voice Media Executive Editor Mike Lacey.

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Rep. Mark Foley (pictured) announced Friday that he is stepping down from Congress after sexually explicit e-mails he sent to a 16-year-old male page were made public. Editor & Publisher notes that in May 2003, Foley "took the unusual step of calling a news conference to denounce a report in [New Times Broward-Palm Beach] that he is gay." The author of that 2003 article, New Times Staff Writer Bob Norman, has followed this week's controversy on his blog The Daily Pulp, and he argues that the newspapers that haven't mentioned Foley's 2003 news conference are "cheating their readers out of important context."

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On his blog "The Daily Pulp," New Times Broward-Palm Beach writer Bob Norman says that a July 9 Miami Herald article is "verging on a journalistic crime." Robert Santiago penned the Herald story on a transgender child that contains details similar to those in a May 18 New Times story by Julia Reischel. Norman argues that Santiago never saw the child, so he "got the information from the New Times story, plain and simple. And the Herald should have credited the NT story, damn straight." Santiago responds that "all the detail in the story comes directly from the parents and others I interviewed."

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The National Association of Black Journalists announced the winners of its Salute to Excellence Awards competition this weekend in Washington, D.C. The organization handed out six first-place prizes for newspapers with circulations of 150,000 or less, and every last one of them were awarded to New Times papers. Here's the complete list of NABJ award winners.

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Bob Norman of New Times Broward-Palm Beach and Bruce Rushton of Phoenix New Times were named today as finalists in the 2005 Gerald Loeb Awards contest. Norman and Rushton received two of the four nominations in the small-newspapers category, which includes papers with circulation under 150,000. The Loeb Awards, which recognize superior business journalism, have been presented by UCLA's Anderson School of Management since 1973.

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Because sometimes winning a Pulitzer just isn't enough: Willamette Week's Nigel Jaquiss also won an award from Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. (IRE) for "The 30-Year Secret" -- the same work for which he won the Pulitzer yesterday. Qualifying as a finalist was New Times Broward-Palm Beach's Bob Norman for "Sick District," his investigation into the mismanagement of Broward County's tax-assisted public health care system.

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