Chris Rohland resigned yesterday as president and publisher of New York Press, effective May 27. Rohland says he's leaving to "concentrate (his) energies to other projects, including the development of a sales training program" for other publications. He also says that Avalon Equity, the owners of the Press, are not presently seeking to replace him, and that "members of the Avalon team will be overseeing operations until a decision on the publisher position has been made."

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Rather than accept a two-week suspension without pay, NY Press Editor in Chief Jeff Koyen resigned this morning. His departure comes on the heels of intense public criticism of a feature titled "The 52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope" that ran in the paper last week. President and Publisher Chris Rohland tells Editor & Publisher that -- contrary to comments Koyen made to the Web site Gawker -- the suspension wasn't due to the Pope article itself but a related instance of insubordination.

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