AIDS Walk Boston, which took place last weekend, turned 25 this year, and to mark the milestone, walk organizer AIDS Action honored 25 individuals whose contributions to the fight against AIDS have been invaluable. Phoenix publisher Bradley Mindich was one of them. He was lauded for his decision to distribute safer sex kit in every issue of the paper in 1987, as well as the Phoenix's long association with the AIDS Walk. After distributing the kit, Mindich was called a "murderer" in the pages of the Boston Herald and Boston Archdiocese newspaper The Pilot for making birth control freely available, according to AIDS Action.

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Gary Coleman, best known for his role on the TV sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, died on Friday at the age of 42. Many of his obituaries note that Coleman was an unlikely candidate for California governor in 2003, a piece of "political theater" the East Bay Express created. In a blog post, editor Stephen Buel explains the idea behind the idea. "We would point out the folly of replacing an imperfect but duly elected governor with an actor whose primary appeal appeared to be his fame. Of course, the actor we were wary of wasn't Gary, but Arnold," Buel writes. "But, of course, things didn't turn out like we planned. Far from provoking high-minded discussion about the perils of Hollywood populism, we helped propel the recall into altogether surreal territory. Although the world media lapped up the story, and Gary improvised his lines with sly humor, we soon realized there would be no larger point. Celebrity, it turned out, was the point."

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Stephen George is leaving the Louisville alt-weekly in January to become editor of the Nashville City Paper. Current LEO news editor Sarah Kelley will replace him, becoming the paper's first female editor. George, a Louisville native, has been with LEO since 2005 and has served as editor since May 2008. Both LEO and the City Paper are owned by SouthComm.

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