Birmingham Weekly to Publish Every 10 Days

Birmingham Weekly owner Stephen Humphreys says the paper will be published every 10 days instead of every 7 days, reports The Birmingham News:

“People can argue about whether we’re a weekly paper. That’s fine with me. That’s promotion,” said Humphreys.

The change was made primarily because the paper has a longer shelf-life than a week, Humphreys said. Readers weren’t being given enough opportunity to read each issue before it was replaced by the subsequent one, he said.

In his latest publisher’s note, Humphreys laid out his vision for a more event-focused publication:

As you may have noticed, you have a revolution right under your nose. The Weekly, under new ownership and management since June, 2011, is no longer content to sit back and record the happenings in Birmingham. Rather, it is creating them and inviting the public to participate in its new gallery/event space in Avondale.

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