"Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins" had its world premiere Wednesday night at the Philadelphia Theatre Company. The play, which stars Turner as Ivins, offers a "complex, nuanced sense" of the former Texas Observer editor "in all her loud messiness," according to Politics Daily. Half the words in the play are from Ivins, and the other half were written by Margaret and Allison Engel. "The day after Molly died I was so upset that her voice was gone that I called Allison and said we have to do a show about her," Margaret says. "I felt she was our Mark Twain, our Will Rogers, and by 'ours' I meant the country's."

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The Observer recently unveiled a redesign that was overseen by Austin-based Em Dash. "The challenge was to create a template that could be produced by one part-time art director with a $450 art budget per issue," Robert Newman writes. "The result: a sharp, smart, right on, low-budget, high-impact design, perfect for the magazine's mix of muckraking reporting and liberal politics." The Observer has also launched a redesigned website.

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Houston Chronicle columnist Rick Casey has been awarded the 2009 MOLLY National Journalism Prize for a series about immigration. The awards, presented annually by the Texas Observer, recognize great American journalism and honor the memory of former Observer editor Molly Ivins. "Molly would have been thrilled at the scores of worthy entries and taken a little amused pride that this year's winner is a columnist for the Houston Chronicle, the newspaper where she began reporting as a summer intern," Observer CEO and publisher Carlton Carl says.

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