The AAN Office Will Soon Have a Newsroom in its Midst

As anyone who has visited our office recently knows, AAN has extra office space that is going unused. So we’ve been trying to sublease the space until our lease ends on June 30, 2010.

Well, some good news: We recently reached agreement on a sublease with TPM Media, the award-winning publisher of Talking Points Memo and related blogs. TPM is opening a D.C. office and will be moving into Suite 804 by Oct. 1. The three- or four-person office will be headed up by TPM managing editor David Kurtz, who worked at Times of Acadiana years ago, when it was still an AAN-member paper.

Aside from the financial assistance, we’re looking forward to having a real live newsroom in our office, although Kurtz tells me they mostly communicate via IM and keep it pretty quiet. No prob. I just wrote a clause into the sublease requiring someone from TPM to shout “copy boy!!!” at least once a day.