Three More AAN Papers Launch SelectAlternatives Personals

The Austin Chronicle, Reno News & Review and Chico News & Review are the latest AAN newspapers to offer their readers Sutcliffe Associates’ Select Alternatives personals product. A total of ten AAN papers are now using one or more versions of the SelectAlternatives software.

The addition of the Reno and Chico News & Review to the Sacramento News & Review’s system marks the release of the first multi-market version of Select Alternatives. It also marks the first integration of SelectAlternatives with the classifieds product.

“The News & Review has three newspaper markets, each of which is within driving distance of the others, so it made great sense to develop a multiple-newspaper version of SelectAlternatives. And by creating direct links to the personals from each paper’s classifieds sites, readers can now seamlessly browse everything from employment ads to finding a date,” said Andy Sutcliffe. (Go to and click on any of the links under “Personals.”)

The Austin Chronicle launched their version of SelectAlternatives personals on November 9th. The regular personals site is called “Lovers Lane” ( and the adult version is called “Easy Street.”

“We are very pleased with our readers’ response to our new personals,” said Michael Schwarz of the Austin Chronicle. “In the first two weeks, we got over 200 new ads and we are seeing much younger people than those who used the old 900 system. We haven’t seen this much activity in years.”

A virtual tour of SelectAlternatives can be found at


Andy Sutcliffe