Tim Redmond Responds to VVM Appeal

AAN News received the following comment from San Francisco Bay Guardian executive editor Tim Redmond today.

Nothing in the appeal brief is new or news to us. Two San Francisco Superior Court Judges have already rejected most of the Village Voice Media arguments. A San Francisco jury decided in favor of the Guardian and awarded us damages that now, with attorney’s fees and interest, total more than $20 million. The trial judge affirmed the jury verdict.

We’re confident we’ll prevail in the appeal, as we did at the trial court level.

As we’ve reported, Village Voice Media is trying to hide its assets and duck collection.

We’re happy that Mike Lacey wants to talk about settlement, although that comes as something of a surprise. We have sought to settle this case on a reasonable basis since long before the trial, and Village Voice Media has consistently declined to engage in any serious settlement discussions.

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