Tribune Co. Lays Off New Mass. Media Employees, Group Publisher

The Tribune Company has laid off New Mass. Media group publisher Joshua Mamis along with two graphic designers.

New Mass. Media publishes the Fairfield County Weekly, Hartford Advocate, and New Haven Advocate:

The financially wallowing Tribune Co. has gradually reduced the size of the Advocate’s staff over the last decade. In fact, the New Haven edition no longer has a staff reporter. Nor does the Fairfield edition.

Now the papers will no longer have their own publisher, either. Rather than replace Mamis, Tribune is having someone at its corporate Courant/Fox office in Hartford assume the responsibilities.

Mamis started as editor of the New Haven Advocate in 1993, eventually rising to become group publisher in a 2007 staff shake-up.

New Mass. Media was sold to the Hartford Courant in 1999, which was in turn obtained by Tribune Co. the following year when it merged with the Times Mirror Co.

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