Village Voice Media’s Bill Jensen Departs to Buzz Media

Village Voice Media director of new media Bill Jensen is leaving for Buzz Media, where he will become the vice president/general manager for music.

He will relocate to Los Angeles for the position, where he will oversee Buzz Media’s various sites, which include Idolator, Stereogum, Pure Volume and Hype Machine.

Today is his final day with VVM.

“It was a fantastic 5 year run at VVM. Across the chain, unique visitors have grown from 2.7 to more than 15 million monthly, and pageviews grew from 160 million to more than 700 million annually,” said Jensen in an email. “We have grown the digital business 8 times over — and the number continues to climb. But most importantly, the sites are now daily destinations for millions of returning users.”

In a corporate memo, VVM said it will not hire a replacement for Jensen.

“Because digital has become such a huge focus of the business, they are splitting the position into four different roles, which they are hiring for as we speak,” Jensen added.

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