Washington City Paper Publisher Amy Austin to Depart

Longtime Washington City Paper publisher Amy Austin has announced that she is leaving the paper. She has worked at the paper for 30 years and has been publisher since 2003.

Austin is currently the Vice President of the AAN Board of Directors.

SouthComm group publisher Eric Norwood will serve as interim publisher and will lead the search for a replacement.

Announcing the move to City Paper staff today, Austin said:

We leave each other with many high notes. Allow me to briefly recap what we’ve already accomplished in 2015. Let’s lead with revenue: We celebrate year over year revenue growth. This year’s “Best of D.C.” revenue exceeded last year’s by 17%. The events team has had 5 successful events in 4 months. We’ve integrated a tremendously powerful editorial and creative team.

The most important thing, though, is the great local journalism we’ve done. We’ve kicked butt on issues around the Bowser administration, homelessness, changes in the local food scene, and well, butt-pinching. We’ve published two comprehensive guides—Spring Arts and Best Of D.C. We’re mobile ready for Google. All of this is what we’ve done in a few short months. 2015 is filled with highlights of amazing staff achievements. You’re doing great and you’ll continue to do great.

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