Web Audio Gives Metro Times Readers Inside Track on Detroit Mayoral Race

DETROIT — July 22, 2005 — Over the past 25 years, Metro Times has established itself as Detroit’s hard-hitting, tell-it-like-it-is media source. This approach, though oftentimes controversial, has made Metro Times the newspaper readers turn to for the straight story on Detroit and its newsmakers.

This week’s edition was no exception, featuring interviews with the four leading candidates for mayor of Detroit. The stakes are high for each candidate as the city embarks on the most important primary election in contemporary Detroit history. Faced with tough questions from the Metro Times News Staff, the candidates displayed passion, aggression and colorful insight on what makes them the right choice for Mayor of Detroit.

To let readers experience what the process was like, each interview was recorded and audio excerpts were put online at metrotimes.com. “News Editor Curt Guyette thought readers would be well served if they were able to sit in, in effect, on the interviews as they happened,” Metro Times Editor Ric Bohy says. “He went off and huddled with our IT whiz, Casey O’Neil, and they chose a handful of the richest and most relevant excerpts.” O’Neil added links, both at the beginning of the feature and throughout the written interviews, so that readers can click and hear those conversations as they took place.

Listen to all of the audio recordings at http://www.metrotimes.com.

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