Webinar: Environmental Coverage in the News

The Project for Improved Environmental Coverage (PIEC) will be coordinating a webinar on environmental coverage in the news and looking at what role AAN members can play in advancing progress. The webinar will explore the findings from a new ranking report on environmental coverage, coverage ratios, citizen attitudes, pathways for innovation, and a host of other topics. The report analyzed data over 17 months from over 40 nationally prominent and local news organizations across platforms and compiled into a groundbreaking study that compares and ranks news organizations among their peers according to how they are prioritizing environmental headlines. See the Columbia Journalism Review’s and Mother Jones’ articles on the report for a synthesis.

On average, entertainment headlines get over three times more coverage than environmental stories for nationally prominent news organizations and for some news organizations, entertainment and crime garner twenty times and sixty times more coverage, respectively. Environmental stories represent just 1% of news headlines and news consumers overwhelmingly know that something needs to change on this front as a recent poll (PDF) shows that nearly 80 percent of Americans want improved environmental coverage in the news.

Title: Exploration of Environmental Coverage in the News

Presenters: Peter Dykstra, Publisher of Climate Daily and Environmental Health News and formerly with CNN
Tyson Miller, Director, Project for Improved Environmental Coverage

Date: Thursday, February 28

Time: 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific