Weekly Dig Moves to New Offices, Publishes Largest Issue Ever


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BOSTON–Boston’s Weekly Dig announced today that its October 25 edition is the biggest they’ve ever published. The 124-page issue features the usual load of content, in addition to a sprawling “Dig This” special section — the paper’s take on the traditional Best Of issue.

“This is an amazing feat,” said Dig founder and President Jeff Lawrence, as he primped for the annual Dig This party. “According to my records, no other American alt-weekly in history has ever crossed the three-figure threshold. Ever.”

The feat was made even more unprecedented by the fact that, on the very same week the Dig staff worked marathon hours to assemble the double issue; they also put out a 24-page guide to Boston’s Belgian Beer Festival, and moved from their cramped, sordid old loft space to quite possibly the bitchinest, 10,000 square foot loft space ever.

While most employees were excited about the new space, Editor Joe Keohane was skeptical.

“Every time we get something nice we ruin it,”he said. “Look at the coffee maker. We practically burned the building down with that thing like six times. Furthermore,” he added, “when you use the bathroom, the toilet aligns perfectly with a nearby billboard advertising that Guardian movie, which means there’s a giant, baleful Kevin Costner face that stares down at you when you’re trying to move the merchandise. It chills my blood.”