Weekly Dig Shamelessly Sells Its Pages to Vincent Gallo Cartel

Effectively Joins Ranks of Traditional Publications

Boston, Mass. — September 1, 2004 — The Weekly Dig, which this week runs an exclusive essay by Vincent Gallo, the enigmatic artist behind the markedly blow job-heavy The Brown Bunny, has formally joined the ranks of larger papers by selling its pages to the highest bidder.

The shill-tastic Sept. 1 issue came together quickly. When word came through AAN.org that Gallo had pulled a previously commissioned essay from The Village Voice because the paper had broken its promise to put his mug on the cover, the Dig sensed an opportunity. They contacted the artist’s people, agreed to slap his face on page one, got them to buy an ad and commissioned an original essay from Gallo himself.

Weekly Dig publisher Jeff Lawrence, reclining on a new imported leather sofa, said, “We always try to get editorial and marketing to work as closely as possible on everything, but this — the synergy was just remarkable. I mean, the Brown Bunny ad was right next to Gallo’s essay.”

He then held a copy of the paper to his face and inhaled deeply, chuckling. “Smells like money,” he said. “Teamwork, I mean. Smells like teamwork.”

“It’s been a great week for us,” said editor, Joe Keohane. “Not only did we get a little ad for The Brown Bunny, we also managed to run a positive review of the film as well as a rambling, self-aggrandizing essay by the filmmaker. That’s roughly two full pages of editorial content supporting a half-page ad. I think we’ve really turned a corner with this.”

“I can’t wait for next week,” he added.

Gallo’s essay and The Weekly Dig review of The Brown Bunny can be found at www.weeklydig.com.