Weekly Dig Welcomes Compatriots to DNC 2004

Offers use of its facilities to traveling journalists

Boston, Mass. — June 17, 2004 — On Monday, July 26, the good people at Boston’s Weekly Dig are opening their doors to members of the media in town to cover the Democratic National Convention, which takes place July 26-29. Between the hours of 10am and 6pm, Monday through Thursday, the Weekly Dig will be offering attending journalists wireless Web access, workspace, fax/copy services, local knowledge and, perhaps most importantly, access to its in-office bar. All provided free of charge.

Beyond simple logistical support, this will provide everyone the chance to hobnob with colleagues, exchange information, and grab a brew.

Additionally, the soaks in charge of running the Dig will be hosting two holy-cow-level parties on Tuesday and Wednesday evening during convention week, details of which are forthcoming.

“It just makes sense,” Dig editor Joe Keohane said. “The last thing we want is our esteemed colleagues having to climb on to people’s porches to steal alcohol and Web access. That kind of behavior bespeaks a level of indignity we’re either above or hope to be soon.”

Dig publisher Jeff Lawrence was too busy ordering beer to comment.

Anyone interested can RSVP to DNC@weeklydig.com. Questions and suggestions are always welcome. And stay tuned to www.2004DNC.com (infinitely more useful than any of the official sites) for the latest on the convention in general, and the Dig in specific.

Boston’s Weekly Dig is conveniently located in Boston’s historic South End, 2.5 miles from the Fleet Center, at 242 East Berkeley Street, 5th Floor, Boston, and T accessible from the Red, Orange and Silver lines. Free parking is available.

For More Information:
Craig Kapilow
Communications Director
Boston’s Weekly Dig

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