What is the ‘Secret Weapon’ of Alt-Weeklies?

Culture maven Patricia Martin says that in addition to being technologically savvy, the next generation of consumers is politically aware, hungry for knowledge, and are attracted towards brands that project authenticity.

All of this, Martin says, augurs well for alt-weeklies, which — unlike mainstream media — are uniquely positioned to capitalize on these trends.

“Some media outlets are doomed if they don’t read the cultural trends,” Martin says. “But independents have a secret weapon, they just need to optimize it.”

The highly sought after keynote speaker and author of Renaissance Generation: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What it Means to Your Business, Patricia Martin will explain why she’s bullish on the future of alt-media during an afternoon session at AAN’s convention next month. Her award-winning consulting firm LitLamp Communications uses culture to connect brands with communities of consumers; and in Toronto she will demonstrate how alt-weeklies can use the lessons she’s learned to create “emotional bonds” with their readers that will translate back to advertising dollars.

Martin’s spot-on appraisal of the current cultural transition will be the final session on Friday, July 16, and is guaranteed to give convention attendees plenty to talk about as the evening’s festivities commence.