Willamette Week Cover Story Turns into Book Project

New York, NY — Little, Brown and Company will be publishing Starbucked by Taylor Clark, formerly a staff writer for the Willamette Week, on November 5, 2007. Starbucked will be the first book to explore the incredible rise of the Starbucks Corporation and the caffeine-crazy culture that fueled its success. Clark first wrote about Starbucks for a cover story for Willamette Week, and his alternative paper roots are clear in what Publishers Weekly has already called “his dubious perspective on one of the modern world’s most ubiquitous icons” that is “just frothy enough to prove entertaining.”

Clark chronicles the rise of Starbucks from a modest Northwest operation to a global powerhouse, examines the ways the company impacts society, and what it says about our culture that the company can place stores literally within sight of one another and turn a healthy profit in both. Starbucked is full of surprising tidbits — there are actually more Starbucks in London than there are in New York City, for example — and Clark weaves them seemlessly into his story, which ends up being as much about globalization and the psychology behind our purchasing habits as it does about Frappuccinos.

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“Clark, who cut his journalistic teeth in Oregon writing for Portland’s hip Willamette Week, rehearses the history of the ubiquitous chain that’s made coffee-drinking equally hip … an absorbing account bolstered by solid reporting.”
— Kirkus Reviews