“Wish Us Luck”

To clarify a point in Ann Hinch’s article on Gannett, we produce ads as a service for our advertisers. Some of our clients have been told by their Idaho Statesman account reps that they should have Boise Weekly produce the ads and not the Idaho Statesman. Then, the client could use the ad in both publications.

The Idaho Statesman, it seems, is directing design services to our publication and taking advantage of our customer service. We do, however, have a policy to charge clients for ad slicks we produce and then want to use in other publications. We regularly enforce this policy. The problem arises when we tell our clients this after they have been lied to by their Idaho Statesman representatives.

We have always had an ad sharing policy between the Idaho Statesman and Boise Weekly for camera-ready advertisements, but this relationship is beginning to see some strain. We believe this is because of their preparations to compete with us with a similar product in this market.

All alternative weeklies in all markets should take a close look at what happens in Boise and Lansing. If Gannett is successful with their products then we can be assured that they will use this as a model in other markets too. This could be the next wave of the demise of the independent newspapers in communities across America.

Wish us luck.

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