Woody Harrelson and NOW Tweak Toronto Mayor on This Week’s Cover

Woody Harrelson appears nude on the cover of this week’s NOW Magazine, holding only a copy of the now-infamous NOW issue featuring a Photoshopped image of Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Harrelson has been in Toronto for the past six weeks, rehearsing for his new play, Bullet for Adolf. So he was there when the Ford issue came out and he then witnessed the dustup that occurred when the mayor allegedly tried to have the issue pulled from all city property.

In an interview, Harrelson tells NOW he would like to play Ford in a movie.

“I hope one day to play Rob Ford. I like playing anti-heroes, or in this case, a stone cold villain,” he says. “Being a method actor, I’ll have to start eating meat, hating bicycles and enjoying censorship.”

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