Wrap-up: Annual Convention and AltWeekly Awards Coverage

Here’s a brief rundown of online coverage of this year’s AAN convention in San Diego.

  • Creative Loafing Media web editor Laura Fries blogs about Tony Perkins’ seminar, “Blogs, RSS, Wikis, and Social Networks: How Alternative Weeklies Can Benefit from New Models of Online Communication.”
  • Syndicated columnist Amy Alkon (The Advice Goddess) blogs here and here about how she used her dog, Lucy, to attract attention at the trade show.
  • In Salt Lake City Weekly, editor Ben Fulton writes about meeting cartoonist Jen Sorensen at the convention, and about Sorensen’s award-winning comic, “Slowpoke.” Associate editor Bill Frost touches upon the convention’s highlights while offering a few criticisms.
  • Joe Keohane, editor of Boston’s Weekly Dig, suffers through a red-eye flight from San Diego to Boston.
  • PW’s Liz Spikol chronicles her three days at the convention.

The 2005 AltWeekly Awards — given out during a ceremony on the convention’s second day — have also popped up in the news.