AAN Budget Approved … Again

The AAN Board of Directors met this weekend in Toronto, the site of next year’s AAN Convention. It was a little brisk but the weather was beautiful, the people were friendly and the city was magnificent.

One of the major focuses of the meeting was the association budget for Fiscal Year 2010, which began on Oct. 1. The FY10 budget was originally approved in June, at the annual convention in Tucson, but many things have changed since then so it had to be revised to reflect those differences.

AAN CAN — our primary source of income — limped into FY10 and it’s possible that the revenue projection of $480,000 included in the budget is too rosy. At-large member Jeff Lawrence of Boston’s Weekly Dig argued that we should assume that AAN CAN’s recent weakness is permanent and cut expenses now, but the board ultimately decided to approve the revised budget and revisit the issue in four to six weeks. Here’s a copy of the revised budget (pdf) that was approved by the board (and here’s the same budget with line-item detail (pdf)). And this document (Word doc) lists the changes that were made to the budget that was approved in June.