Another ‘How I Got That Story’ Live Chat Set for Friday

After a week off, AAN’s “How I Got That Story” live chat series returns this Friday, Oct. 23, at 3 pm EDT. Patrick Michels will join us to discuss his award-winning Texas Observer feature “Private Trauma,” which tells the story of a former KBR contractor struggling with PTSD after working for the company in Iraq. Michels will be joined by Jake Bernstein, who was his editor for the story, and the chat will be moderated by North Coast Journal editor Hank Sims. (Michels is now at the Dallas Observer and Bernstein currently works for ProPublica.)

The format for Friday’s chat will be the same as previous chats: the first 15 minutes will be a closed interview between Michels, Bernstein and Sims; the second 15 minutes will be open for questions to anyone viewing the live chat.

This and all other live chats in this series will be archived on the AAN website and accessible to members at any time. (You can check out the first three here.)

Please contact AAN Editorial Chair Julia Goldberg if you have any questions about Friday’s event or the live chat series.