AAN CAN Sales Promotion Announced

Three top sellers get trip to AAN West

AAN announces a campaign to reward the top sellers in the AAN CAN classified network with a free trip to the AAN West conference in San Francisco in February.

The three highest-selling reps for AAN CAN sales between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2002, will receive a free registration to AAN West, a $500 travel stipend and a seat on a panel at AAN West discussing “How to Sell the AAN CAN Network.” This campaign applies to new sales only.

“So get out there and sell sell, sell, and you might just find yourself toasting the town in The City by The Bay with us this February!” says Jimmy Askew, AAN’s classified and systems manager.

AAN CAN revenue in FY02, which ended Sept. 30, was $884,000. Of that amount, $99,500, or 11.2%, was paid as sales commissions to member papers.

In FY02 the top five individual sellers were:

1. Robby Robbins, Independent Weekly, $77,205.75
2. Christine Mongeau, Phoenix New Times, $42,205.50
3. Ron Combs, Chicago Newcity, $26,637.33
4. Jamie Manser, Tucson Weekly, $20,164.66
5. Ellis Alvarez, Phoenix New Times, $15,748.50