AAN Hires AAN CAN Assistant

Chris Mudrak joined AAN as AAN CAN Assistant this week, where he will be assisting Sales Director Roxanne Cooper with the classified network and performing other administrative duties.

Mudrak will replace Classifieds and Systems Manager Jimmy Askew, who will be leaving AAN June 13 to prepare for law school in the fall. Both Askew and Mudrak will attend the AAN Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, June 5-8.

Mudrak was an administrative assistant for three years at The Washington Post, where he supported 17 sales representatives. He was later promoted to marketing sales support manager for Post Newsweek Business Information. He also served as a sales rep at Potomac Tech Journal and has extensive event management experience.

“Chris is very quick, and he has exactly the right kind of experience for this position,” says Richard Karpel, executive director.

Mudrak has a B.S. in business from the University of Baltimore, with a concentration in marketing.

“I look forward to working with AAN and furthering the success of AAN CAN. See you all in Pittsburgh!” Mudrak says.

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