#AANWeb: The Final Countdown

On the third and final day of #AANWeb 2012: Innovative Revenue Ideas; Digital Storytelling Workshop; Killer Video With Your Mobile Device; and more.

8:45 – 9:30 am Morning Coffee

 9:30 to 10:30 am
Innovative Revenue Ideas

How do you find new ways to sell out your ad space without selling out your soul? What great ideas can you steal from other papers and from bloggers and marketers? Neil Chase, who put in 25 years as a journalist and journalism professor and then five years on the dark side creating new revenue models, will lead a group brainstorming session where we share ideas, solve each other's problems and come up with new plans that people on both sides of the wall can love.
Presenter: Neil Chase

10:45 to 11:15 am
Change the Revenue Model, Change the Business
In a challenging market, it becomes more clear every day that the revenue model that has sustained the newsmedia for the past century will not carry it into the next one. But in search of new revenue streams, it can be all too easy to get swept away on a costly tide of buzzwords and claptrap. Worse, the temptation comes to simply take the same product and try to sell it in a different form instead of changing the business to suit the revenue model. The good news is that there are only eight fundamental revenue models to keep in mind while leading a publication through a time of considerable change.
Presenter: Pete Mortensen

11:30 am to 12 pm

Social Media and User Engagement
What should you be doing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+? What should you be doing right at this very minute? What about next month? We'll discuss how to enhance user engagement and make better use of online communities.
Presenter: Anita Zielina, Stanford University

12 to 1 pm
Lunch (included)

1 to 4 pm(concurrent sessions)
Digital Storytelling Workshop
Publishers are vital. Publishers shape, advise, refine and deliver great stories. Successful publishers are Zen masters in print media. Publishers — especially alternative publishers — need to serve an audience for whom print is increasingly irrelevant. The audience is rapidly and inexorably moving to IP-based delivery. Taking print stories and simply delivering them on a web page #fails. The web is a new medium. Storytelling is different. Audience expectations are different. There are no Zen masters. Survival mean learning to tell stories in a new medium. This session presents the web as a new medium and examines how to identify the best tools to tell story elements.
Presenter: Jerry Monti, Knight Digital Media Center

1:15 to 2:30 pm (concurrent sessions)
Tablets Are Here to Stay
What are the trends? What should we be developing for tablets and how should we be developing for them?
Presenters:  Shahab Choudhry, Propelics, Jeremy Rue, UC Berkeley, and Jason Dyer, Quickoffice

2:45 to 3:15 pm (concurrent sessions)
Going Nonprofit: Benefits and Downsides
In the last two years there has been a wave of nonprofit news organizations. But did you know the IRS has stopped approving new news media nonprofits? Some have been waiting in line for two years. Some nonprofits can get grants of up to 5 million dollars. But what isn't presented is just how much time and energy then goes into acquiring those grants and how the money is sometimes restricted. Going nonprofit is a viable option but any media entity looking into should be informed.
Presenter: David Cohn

3:15 to 4 pm (concurrent sessions)
Budgeting for Technology Realistically
Web editor/no web editor? Programmer/no programmer? How do you deal with your staffing issues? We'll discuss these and other related issues.
Panel: Amy Austin, Washington City Paper, Stacy Volhein, Village Voice Media, Fran Zankowski, Colorado Springs Independent

4 to 5:30 pm (concurrent OFFSITE sessions)
Killer Video with Your Mobile Device/Smartphone
Yvonne Leow, Associated Press

4 to 5:30 pm (concurrent OFFSITE sessions)
Cool Audio Tips and Tricks
Trainer: Eddie Granillo