Bay Guardian’s Brugmann Calls Community Forums a Model for Other Publications

San Francisco Bay Guardian editor and publisher Bruce Brugmann says that recent community forums hosted by the paper are “a model for alternative [publications] in other cities.”

Tim Redmond explains:

We’ve brought together a broad base of people from different communities and issue-based organizations all over town in an effort to draft a platform that would include a comprehensive progressive agenda for the next mayor. All told, more than 100 people participated.

It was, as far as we know, the first time anyone tried to do this — to come up with a mayoral platform not with a few people in a room but with a series of open forums designed for community participation.

The platform we’ve drafted isn’t perfect, and there are no doubt things that are left out. But our goal was to create a document that the voters could use to determine which candidates really deserve the progressive vote.

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