Maui Time Editor Unearths the Darker Side of Paradise

Themes of violence and romance cast a dark pall over Hawaii in Small Island, a new novel by Maui Time editor Anthony Pignataro.

Writing about an ex-US Army officer, Pignataro draws on his career as an investigative reporter, to subject his protagonist to corruption and suspense. His character, Charley Ridgeway, finds himself trying to tear away an actress from her villainous – and rich – boyfriend.

Pignataro uses the knowledge he gleaned from living on Maui to create the tale. “I often come across information that can’t make it into the papers: rumors, innuendo, and fascinating old stories,” Pignataro says. “Bits and pieces of people I know or know of are presented in Small Island.”

The novel, Pignataro’s first, was released September 10th, by Event Horizon Press. It is available at and in either paperback or e-book format.

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