Boston Phoenix Investigates Wrongful Conviction

Boston, MA – February 6, 2008

Falsified documents. Erroneous fingerprints. Evidence that conveniently appeared when necessary. Possible perjury. Essential evidence left ignored by key investigators. Is it possible that Stephan Cowans — who spent seven years in prison for a crime he did not commit — could have faced a more Kafka-esque ordeal?

The Boston Phoenix investigates the wrongful incarceration of Stephen Cowans — he was exonerated in 2004 by the New York-based Innocence Project, which proved he did not shoot Boston police officer Gregory Gallagher in 1997; he was then murdered three years later — and has discovered many of these shocking allegations. Was the Cowans case an example of BPD incompetence? Or was it more of an insidious cover-up? And, if the latter is true, could thousands of other investigations be tainted? These questions and more are covered in this exclusive piece by Phoenix writer David S. Bernstein.

“Cowans never learned how, or why, he came to be blamed for the non-fatal shooting of Boston police officer Gregory Gallagher in 1997. Now, the Boston Phoenix has uncovered substantial new information about the Cowans case. These revelations are troubling, as they suggest that key members of the Boston Police Department (BPD) knew that Cowans was innocent, even as they forged the case to prosecute him.”

This link is live, but this story debuts in tomorrow’s Phoenix.

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