Phoenix Media/Communications Group, which owns the Boston, Portland and Providence Phoenix papers, has let ten employees go. The layoffs include CFO/COO Richard Gallagher; corporate controller Michael Notkin and assistant corporate controller Chris Crandall. The Weekly Dig broke the news of the changes yesterday when it published a staff memo sent by Phoenix Media president Bradley Mindich, which says Mindich will take over some of Gallagher's duties, while Mike Fuller will take on the interim CFO/COO role as they search for a replacement. "This is the sort of strategic reshuffle that prudent companies engage in to stay on top in demanding markets," Phoenix executive editor Peter Kadzis says in a statement released last night. His comments are echoed by Mindich, who tells AAN News in an email that Phoenix Media is focused on "performance across the board" and "ensuring we have the best of the best here to continue to execute our multi-platform strategy." MORE from the Boston Herald.

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Phoenix Media, the parent company of the Phoenix alt-weeklies in Boston, Portland and Providence, filed a lawsuit yesterday alleging that Facebook infringed on a patent held by the company's Tele-Publishing Inc. (TPI) division for publishing personal pages on online dating services. A Facebook spokesperson tells the Boston Globe the suit is "without merit," something Phoenix Media executive editor Peter Kadzis disputes. "The intellectual concepts that Facebook uses to give its users maximum flexibility of choice while maintaining the highest level of privacy replicate/duplicate those developed by TPI many years ago," he says. "It's not a frivolous suit."

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As pressure mounts on Craigslist to tighten its erotic advertising policies in the wake of masseuse Julissa Brisman's death, Rhode Island's attorney general has expanded his focus to include But publisher and chairman Stephen Mindich isn't backing down. "I'm not apologizing for carrying adult advertising," he tells the Boston Herald. “What are you going to do? Take down the entire Internet?” ... (Brisman) wasn’t killed by an ad, but by a person."

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The Boston Phoenix and its sister publications are the latest alt-weeklies to cut expenses as the media industry struggles through the recession. The parent company laid off six employees, suspended its 401K matches and cut salaries across the board, with the highest-paid employees giving up considerably more than the lowest.

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In an interview with New England Ethnic News, Brad Mindich explains why, when other media companies are slashing staff, he thought buying Boston's El Planeta newspaper was a good move. "This is a good niche product that expands what we do," he says, adding that the new acquisition will retain complete editorial control but will share content with the group's other titles when it makes sense. When asked why Phoenix Media chose El Planeta over other Spanish-language publications, Mindich says: "If you look at the other Hispanic newspapers published in this area, with all due respect, they are not very good." That comment has raised the ire of said publications.

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The Boston-based alt-weekly publisher has purchased El Planeta, saying it hopes to attract a larger Hispanic audience in the Boston area, the Boston Globe reports. Phoenix Media had been investing in the weekly since 2005, and already prints and distributes the paper. "I personally strongly see the value in the Hispanic newspaper market and the opportunity for that to grow," says Phoenix Media president Bradley Mindich. "It was one of these opportunities we couldn't pass up." The company, which owns AAN members in Boston, Portland, and Providence, will share some content with El Planeta, and the Spanish-language paper's staff will move into Phoenix Media's Boston headquarters. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. More from Boston Business Journal.

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The new venture, called MediaX Partners, is a national advertising and marketing solutions company that will focus on "the creation and management of integrated media programs that use the power of a fully-integrated print, online, radio, mobile and promotions platform," according to a press release. "With major brands now looking for, and expecting, streamlined network buys, creative solutions and more value for their buy, the timing has never been better for AWN to leverage its experience and take the lead in this 'new media' world," Phoenix Media/Communications Group president Bradley Mindich says. The group will be open to all AAN members, not just those currently served by AWN.

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