Chronicling the Bay Guardian’s Efforts to ‘Chase the Money’

In a detailed account of the San Francisco Bay Guardian‘s efforts to collect its court judgment against SF Weekly, California Lawyer delves into the behind the scenes legal maneuvering taking place as Bay Guardian attorney Jay D. Adkisson “search[es] for the end of the rainbow.”

The story points out that cases are currently pending in three separate venues — the First District Court of Appeal, the San Francisco Superior Court, and the state of Delaware — and that the award settlement has grown from $16 million in 2008 to an estimated $22 million today. The article also explains that the Bay Guardian hired Adkisson for his expertise in both protecting and recovering assets. Speaking on the roadblocks they’ve encountered so far, Adkisson says, “We’ve got our hook into them, and they are one big fish. The closer we bring them to the boat, the more they wiggle.”