Boise Weekly Editor: ‘It’s Not OK’ to Mix Editorial and Advertising

In an opinion column published yesterday, Boise Weekly editor Rachael Daigle affirms her paper’s commitment to maintaining a wall between editorial and advertising. The column is in response to Chicago Reader publisher Alison Draper’s recent declaration that her paper will “push” the line between the two. Daigle calls foul on the notion:

Blurring the lines between editorial and advertising is called advertorial. It’s not journalistic, it’s not ethical to pass it off as editorial content and it’s the public that loses when editorial integrity is compromised.

No matter how bad business was at BW during the heaviest part of the recession, we never once considered chipping away at the wall that separates our editorial and advertising departments. The day BW Publisher Sally Freeman announces her intention to “push” the line between editorial and sales will be the day I’ll hand her my resignation. Thankfully, Freeman is BW‘s biggest protector of that line.

It just so happens that AAN editors will be discussing this topic during a roundtable session next Thursday in Toronto.

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