Coming Friday: ‘How I Got That Story’ Live Chat on Media Reporting

David Koon and Gerard Matthews of Arkansas Times, who took home a first place award for media reporting, will be interviewed by Las Vegas Weekly editor Scott Dickensheets on this Friday (Dec. 11) at 3 pm EST.

You can read the pair’s award-winning piece, which examines openness and celebrity in the digital age in the wake of the murder of a local TV reporter, here.

The format for Friday’s chat will be the same as previous chats: the first 15 minutes will be a closed interview between Koon, Matthews and Dickensheets, and the second 15 minutes will be open for questions to anyone viewing the live chat.

This and all other live chats in this series will be archived on the AAN website and accessible to members at any time. (You can check out the archive here.)

To volunteer as an interviewer for the live chat series, or to suggest another topic for a live chat, contact AAN Editorial Chair Julia Goldberg at editor (at)