Competing Colorado Springs Papers Band Together for Endorsements

September 9, 2009


Steve Pope
Colorado Springs Gazette

John Weiss
Colorado Springs Independent

Colorado Springs Gazette & Independent To Publish Tandem Endorsements in Support of November 2009 Property Tax Measure 2C and Against Doug Bruce’s Measure 300.

With mail-in ballots set to be distributed in just over three weeks, the Pikes Peak region’s two largest newspapers both will publish on Thursday, Sept. 10, their own as well as their competitor’s endorsements for the upcoming ballot questions.

“We undertook this unprecedented action because we both reached the same conclusion,” says Gazette publisher Steven K. Pope. “This fall Colorado Springs voters must not only endorse the proposed modest property tax increase, but also defeat Doug Bruce’s destructive measure on the same ballot. Due to the dire financial situation our city faces, citizens must act or vital programs and services will be slashed.”

Independent publisher John Weiss added: “We have set aside our differences to graphically illustrate how important it is for citizens to vote this fall to ensure the short- and long-term health of the city we call home. Join with us to help save our city from a terrible — yet still avoidable — fate.”

Note: Each paper’s editorial will be published in both newspapers’ print and online editions on Thursday, Sept.10, 2009.

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