Creative Loafing (Charlotte) Releases Second ‘Homebrew’ Compilation CD

AUG. 27, 2008 — Charlotte’s Creative Loafing will release the second edition of its CD series entitled, Creative Loafing presents Jeff Hahne’s Homebrew, on Sept. 4.

The 12-track CD, the Summer Stash 2008 edition, is a collection of independently released music from the Charlotte area. Featuring a bit of everything from hip-hop to Americana, blues to alternative rock, the artists who are featured released music in the first half of 2008. The first edition of the CD, Winter Harvest 2008, was released in January.

Submissions were sent to music editor Jeff Hahne via email, the U.S. postal service and MySpace. Approximately 40 entries were received and then narrowed down through various criteria to ensure a diverse collection would be presented.

Among the artists featured on the disc are Lindy Dobbins, reader’s choice for Best Local Songwriter in CL‘s 2007 “Best of” edition, The Lights, Fluorescent, featuring Erika Blatnik who was featured on the first CD and was named critic’s choice for best female vocalist in the same “Best of” edition, and Paleface, who recently signed with Concord’s Ramseur Records. The CD was mastered by Rob Tavaglione for Catalyst Recording in Charlotte, N.C.

The CD will be distributed at local music stores, at local concerts and at a CD release party to be held on Thursday, Sept. 4 at Double Door at Lake Norman, the sponsor of this edition of the CD.

Track listing for the Summer Stash 2008 edition is as follows:
1. Contagious Blues Band: “Hard to Make”
2. Lindy Dobbins: “Change Your Mind”
3. Nicolette Emanuelle: “Constellations”
4. Eyes of the Elders: “Classified Commotions”
5. The Lights, Fluorescent: “Blue Jay”
6. The Orsons: “Appalachia”
7. Paleface: “Kick This Jam”
8. Simplified: “Low”
9. The Stellas: “In Stereo”
10. Sugar Glyder: “Grace the Fulcrum”
11. Tropic Culture: “It’s Called Love”
12. Yardwork: “Cyndi”

For more information, contact music editor Jeff Hahne at (704) 944-3608 or jeff.hahne (at)