Creative Loafing’s Corkscrew Offers Wine with an Alternative Twist

Creative Loafing Newspapers are uncorking the world of wine with Corkscrew, a series of cheeky, accessible columns that avoid the traditional pretentious attitude often associated with wine. Corkscrew will address the complex world of wine with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor to demystify wine for those who find it overwhelming and difficult to understand.

Corkscrew will feature two writers, Lisa Caputo and Taylor Eason, whose columns will alternate weeks in the section. Caputo is a San Francisco-based writer who has written for Wines & Vines and Wine X magazines. Eason is a regionally based food and wine writer who has studied the fruit of the vine in Europe and around the world. Their favorite activities include mocking wine snobs and quaffing wine from Mason jars.

The new wine section will also include local wine event listings and recommended wines. In addition, Corkscrew will solicit comments from readers about their favorite wines, local wine merchants and restaurants with wine selections in order to expand local horizons.

Corkscrew debuts August 15, 2001, and will appear weekly in Creative Loafing in Atlanta and Charlotte; Weekly Planet in Tampa and Sarasota; and Spectator in Raleigh.

### For more information, contact: Taylor Eason, (813) 248-8888, ext. 162

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