Did the Daily Mail (U.K.) Rip-Off an SF Weekly Story?

SF Weekly‘s Lauren Smiley stumbled upon this story in the Daily Mail (U.K.) today and noticed that it was strikingly similar to her cover story on U visas which ran last week:

This is an example of “churnalism” at its most depraved — the story’s byline reads only “Daily Mail Reporter,” as if the anonymous hack couldn’t bear to fess up to his or her lack of originality. The article proceeds to rephrase our sentences, lift our quotes verbatim, and even write snappy sidebars about the visa-seeking San Francisco-based immigrants — Rosa Aguilar and Adolfo Lopez, you’ve gone international! — profiled in our original story.

Smiley notes that this is not the first time the Daily Mail has been accused of lifting stories without attribution.

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