Herald-Tribune Disputes AAN’s Story On The Closing Of Creative Loafing Sarasota

Representatives of the Herald-Tribune Media Group and New York Times
Company have contacted AAN to clarify the licensing agreement between
their company and Creative Loafing, Inc.

Our story on Dec. 15 stated that the Sarasota Herald-Tribune had “acquired” the brand Creative Loafing Sarasota and would use the
name on its local entertainment guide and soon-to-be-launched mobile app.

Company reps made clear that they
are licensing the brand for one-year, and have not purchased
it. Further, the forthcoming mobile app will not carry the Creative
Loafing name, but will be branded under the name of their existing
entertainment mag, Ticket.

It’s not entirely clear how the Creative Loafing brand will be integrated
into the Ticket publication, but in an email, the New York Times
Co.’s director of public relations Abbe Serphos said, “the Creative
Loafing Sarasota
brand will be used in combination with Ticket
in a street edition only, for the purpose of introducing a more
comprehensive entertainment guide to Creative Loafing’s readers in

When asked whether the revamped Ticket would include editorial
content beyond entertainment coverage — specifically, political coverage
— Herald-Tribune director of marketing & customer engagement James Holmes
told us that decisions about editorial content were still being made.

Another clarification: Creative Loafing, not
the Herald-Tribune, shuttered the Sarasota alt-weekly and laid off six
employees. The lede of the Dec. 15 story gave the inaccurate impression
that the Herald-Tribune was responsible for taking those actions, and AAN
sincerely regrets the mistake.

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