How Does Your Editorial Department Stack Up?

For many years, AAN editors have traded information on the editorial listserv about staff sizes, freelance rates and other nitty gritty information. In Toronto, editorial staffers will really get down to brass tacks by reviewing the results of an editorial standards survey that will ultimately be collated to create a benchmark document for AAN editorial departments. The survey will be available following the convention in the AAN resource library.

Whether you are attending the convention or not, filling out the survey will only add to its usefulness. If you are heading to Toronto, be sure to attend the Editorial Standards session from 3:45-4:45 pm on Saturday, July 17, which will be moderated by Editorial Committee members Jimmy Boegle, editor of Tucson Weekly, and Hank Sims, editor of North Coast Journal. The session will consist of a lively free-wheeling discussion about how editors are using their budgets and staff — and hopefully generate new ideas and inspiration.

CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEY LINK (Must be logged in to your AAN account)

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