Publisher Says Chicago Reader Will “Push” Line Between Editorial and Advertising

More details have come to light on the CL, Inc. decision to fire long-time Chicago Reader editor Alison True. Speaking to senior editor Michael Miner — who on Friday described True’s firing as a “tragic misjudgment” — Reader publisher Alison Draper indicated that the paper’s next editor will be expected to collaborate more often with the business side:

“The editor of the Reader,” said Draper, “has to work closely with sales to find innovative ways to take our fair share of the dollars that are shrinking and shrinking quickly.” She promised me that she wouldn’t “blur” the line between editorial and advertising, but she would “push” it. The distinction was clearer to her than it was to me.

Miner goes on to explain that True was fired at a Starbucks after the paper’s Best of Chicago issue came out. It was, Miner says, the “fattest, most successful issue in years, a triumph True and Draper should have been sharing in.”

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