Marketing CD-ROMs Mailed to Members

Customizable for local focus

AAN mailed a new marketing CD-ROM to members this week.

It is the latest piece in a comprehensive campaign aimed at helping local sales reps market their paper as part of the national alt-weekly industry, which targets an upscale, desirable advertising demographic.

The disc features a PowerPoint presentation, customizable for each paper’s needs. National alternative newsweekly demographics are included along with extra artwork that marketing representatives can use to create new slides.

The centerpiece of the presentation is a multi-media program, “What you want,” which recently won a Certificate of Excellence in the Metropolitan D.C. ADDY Awards for the ad agency that created it, Abrials & Partners.

It includes fast-moving graphics from AAN papers, music, and broad demographic positioning statements that can lead into information more tailored to a particular industry or prospect.

“The multi-media sets the tone for a more specialized presentation,” AAN Marketing Director Adam Ebbin says.

It also includes PDFs for the Automotive and Recruitment Data Sheets so each newspaper can print out additional copies as needed. AAN also has more four-color glossy copies available on request from the national office.

Finally the CD has an electronic version of the new AAN logo.

AAN has used the entire set of marketing materials at several industry trade shows since January.

AAN has exhibited at the National Automobile Dealers Association, the National Association of Recording Merchandisers and the movie industry’s ShoWest. In June, AAN will be in Philadelphia at the recruitment industry’s largest show, the Society for Human Resource Managers conference and expo.