Media Oxpecker: Why We Won’t Bother Posting This on Facebook

Media industry news you may have missed while you were busy
testing edibles.

We’ve got two week’s worth of links to catch up on, but first, some Sponsored Content:

Today is the last day to apply for a scholarship to join us in Nashville, which gets you free admission plus up to $500 in travel/hotel expenses, leaving extra money for you to spend on hot chicken and bourbon. The fact that you’re interested in the news industry enough to willingly spend a portion of your Friday reading this means that you 1) Occasionally make questionable life choices, and 2) Are probably a pretty good candidate for a scholarship. So go on and apply now, and while you are doing that, we’ll be over here aggregating links.

Jason Zaragoza knows you’re wondering when the AAN Awards finalists will be announced, and the answer is: June 16.

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