Nashville Scene Accidentally Posts First Draft of Theater Review, Critics Charge Racism

Nashville Scene accidentally posted a draft version of a theater review on its website, which included portions that some readers found racist:

So what did the original review say? Well, from the beginning, critic Martin Brady seemed to be debating Broadway’s insistance on giving every ethnic group a musical (he began the review: “What will the American musical do for thematic material when the melting pot has completely turned to ethnic mush and no group is really underprivileged?”).

The original version also included the sentence, “But if you like your ingénues brown and leggy and your music ‘hot, hot, hot,’ this is the show for you.”

Scene editor Jim Ridley addressed the matter in an editor’s note above the story:

First drafts are places for writers to work out ideas that should often be discarded before they ever see the light of day. Instead, the uncorrected piece was published online, and many commenters were offended by the descriptive language in the piece — concerns that were raised with the author during the editing process, and which, to his credit, he apologized for and agreed to change. The Scene apologizes to all readers offended by the piece; I offer my own personal apology as well and accept responsibility for the error.

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