New Editor for Metro Times

W. Kim Heron takes top perch at Detroit's weekly alternative

As the resident office sage, W. Kim Heron has been the glue
that’s held together Metro Times often-shifting editorial
department for the past nine years. He now takes over as
editor of Detroit’s largest alt-weekly. (Former editor Ric Bohy
resigned earlier this month.)

Originally from
Amherstburg, Ontario, Heron came to Detroit
at 11, attending Cass Tech and then pursuing journalism at
Michigan State University. He worked for the Detroit Free
Press from 1979 to 1995, before coming to Metro Times as
managing editor in 1997, when, ironically, he thought he was
getting out of the newspaper business. He also plays bongos
and other drums, sang (for several seconds) on a Was Not
Was album, juggles, is known for his encyclopedic knowledge
of obscure facts and has had a 17-year run at WDET-FM with
his weekly jazz show, The Kim Heron

“Detroit is many things, a troubled, exciting,
vibrant community, and Metro Times has always wanted to
reflect that. I’m excited about taking the leadership position
with the very talented staff here, and addressing those
realities,” Heron says.

“Kim has had a huge hand in
keeping our editorial staff together through many changes
over the past few years,” says Publisher Lisa Rudy. “He has
demonstrated unwavering integrity and has a truly honest
work ethic. Kim takes a very insightful and creative approach
to the content of our paper.”