NOW Magazine Relaunches Website

Exciting news: we’ve remodeled, reimagined and revitalized in its entirety!

Don’t worry, everything that keeps our loyal readers coming back day-after-day to is still there, we’ve just added tons of new features to make our site more intuitive, more engaging and easier to navigate. These new features include: more content, less clutter on the page, larger images, and faster load times.

We’ve also remodeled with a huge emphasis on customization. Big music fan but not so interested in politics? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Just click on the Music section and move it up or down on the page depending on your preference. Same goes for all our sections, News, Stage, Food, Film, Books and Art!

NOW’s online editor, Joshua Errett, sums up the launch of the new website: “The idea was to keep everything that worked – all the features our readers know and love – and ditch the stuff that didn’t. We’ve opened up the homepage to include way more articles. Including the four top features that will change throughout the day and you can now scroll through 50 of our latest stories underneath that. Then the site breaks into sections from the paper. We also have a nifty new In Print section, which only displays the content that’s in the newspaper. Pretty fun!”