NUVO Acquires Indiana Living Green

NUVO Newsweekly, the 21-year-old independently owned and operated media company in Indianapolis, purchased statewide environmental magazine, Indiana Living Green, in September.

The transaction was a “perfect fit, a match made on planet earth,” says ILG’s new editor, Jim Poyser.

“It was apparent that our small team had taken ILG as far as we were able with a strong following and well-received mission,” said Lynn Jenkins, former publisher of ILG. Jenkins approached NUVO publisher and editor Kevin McKinney and offered the magazine because, she says, “NUVO embraces a green lifestyle as no other local publication does and has the talent and influence to take ILG to the next level.”

McKinney, at the helm of NUVO since its inception, reacted to Jenkins’ offer with immediate interest. “ILG is a perfect fit with our mission to give a voice to the best ideas in our community, and given the passion of our staff towards a greener lifestyle, it was clear this was the right thing to do.”

Jenkins is assisting with the transition, during which ILG will continue its bi-monthly publishing schedule with two more issues: November/December and January/February. In March, ILG will relaunch with a new design, new features and a monthly publishing schedule.

Poyser says the changes to the magazine will be “both small and large: large, in the sense that there will be a new look and feel to the publication, with new faces and new features; small, in that ILG’s loyal readers will continue to see great stories about sustainability and conscious consumption, told in an entertaining format.”

By doubling the publication rate – i.e., going monthly – ILG’s new team hopes to double the consciousness raised about concerns for the environment – both in and beyond state boundaries.

ILG’s web site,, will, according to Digital Platforms Editor Tristan Schmid, “be a reliable source of daily environmental news for Indiana residents, and social media will also play a big part in spreading the word about everything being done to make our air, water, and land safer for everyone.”


NUVO has long been Indiana’s “greenest” paper, not only because of its award-winning coverage of the environment: In 2004, the alt-weekly converted to 100% post-consumer recycled paper, the first newspaper in the state to do so, and becoming a leader on a national scale. NUVO has also greened its building as well, saving waste and energy, resulting in being named a member of the Green Business Initiative by the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.