Orlando Weekly Columnist Runs for Mayor

Citing his frustration at the Orlando government’s unwillingness to listen to its own citizens, Orlando Weekly columnist Billy Manes has decided to run for mayor.

“There’s a whole generation of voices that isn’t being listened to by local government,” Manes said in a March 21 press release.

Manes is seeking to fill a vacancy left when Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer was removed from office after being indicted on felony election fraud chages March 11. Florida governor Jeb Bush suspended Dyer pending the outcome of his trial.

Manes, who writes about nightlife for the Weekly, promises to rid the city of anti-rave ordinances, disband a multi- agency police task force, and extend bar hours to 4 a.m.

Manes’ editor, Bob Whitby, applauded the candidacy. “It is really depressing to see the same cast of losers claw their way to the surface every time there is an opening in City Hall,” Whitby said. “It’s time for someone with fresh ideas, someone under 50, to have a bite at the apple.”

For more information about the Manes campaign, contact campaign manager Dave Plotkin, (407) 673-3283, Manes at (321) 217-9538 or visit his website at www.billymanes.com.