PBS Launches Ad Tracking System

New application reduces costly errors by automating the ad production process

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, June 3, 2004 – Publishing Business Systems (PBS), North America’s leading source for integrated enterprise-wide newspaper business software systems, today introduced MediaPlus® AdTrack, an automated ad tracking and materials management system.

MediaPlus AdTrack works with the newspaper’s advertising order entry system so that when orders are submitted they are seamlessly transferred to the production department where activity is tracked through placement. This reduces any errors that result from the need to re-enter data into another system and, in many cases, eliminates manual ad tracking processes that are in use in many newspapers today.

By automating the ad tracking process in a software environment, newspapers can efficiently monitor and effectively manage an ad through the various stages of production. PBS CEO, Steve Smith, commented on the new product release, “MediaPlus AdTrack provides a comprehensive solution that will allow production departments to streamline their operating costs, reduce the frequency of missing ad elements and costly make goods, and shorten their deadlines.”

Dynamic Workflow.
MediaPlus AdTrack was designed and developed in response to customer demand for a flexible, automated ad tracking system that could easily be adapted to their current environment rather than conforming to a workflow predefined by a software package. MediaPlus AdTrack gives newspapers the ability to define a workflow that accommodates their preferred process; establishing milestones, hand-off points, and assigning responsibilities that make sense for their business. A workflow can easily be created or modified through a simple point-and-click process. Newspaper groups with multiple production departments can be linked for added efficiency.

Business Rules Center.
MediaPlus AdTrack contains a business rules center that allows the newspaper’s authorized administrator to easily set up their own rules that will govern the workflow – or hand-off points – within the ad production department. Rules can be established in real-time using a rules wizard that contains a logic analyzer to identify any conflicting rules so that corrections can be made quickly. For each rule, the administrator can define applicable conditions, actions generated when conditions are met, and cases where an exception may apply. Based on the environment, rules can be established by user group, group type, individual users, job type, priority, properties, status, and more.

Reporting and Analysis.
MediaPlus AdTrack includes options for evaluating several layers of efficiency and performance. For production managers, a project viewer provides a quick way to assess the workload of the production department according to project status, assignments, timelines, and more. Another viewer is also available that provides general status information for groups such as sales, so that they can easily track the progress of their client’s ads.

The system also includes ReportPlus, a report generator that can create general purpose reports by a variety of attributes (client, sales representative, workstation, etc.) and productivity reports that track status, number of ads generated per day, average time spent per ad, and more. Additional reports analyze workflow efficiency, and workstation and operating system performance.

Online Proofing.
iProof is an online proofing tool enabled by web services that provides advertisers with a fast and convenient way to review their ads. When an ad is moved to the approval stage, MediaPlus AdTrack will automatically send the advertiser an e-mail with a web link and a unique username and password that will give them online access to their ad. While online, the advertiser can communicate changes through text or voice, recording comments using the microphone on their computer. Once reviewed, they submit their changes or approval.

About PBS
PBS was founded in 1989 to provide the newspaper publishing industry with flexible and scalable business systems to manage their circulation, advertising, production, business intelligence, and financial operations. A strong service orientation and extensive experience in the newspaper market has resulted in a series of industry innovations from PBS, including the first fully integrated enterprise solution connected through a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Today the company’s MediaPlusâ solutions are installed in hundreds of newspapers of all sizes, at points around the globe. PBS corporate headquarters are in Chicago with additional locations in Minneapolis and Montreal, Canada. For more information, please visit www.pbs.com.


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