PBS Provides Automated Ad Builder for Advertising

New software helps customer service representatives and advertisers to easily create ads

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, May 25, 2004 – Publishing Business Systems (PBS), North America’s leading source for integrated enterprise-wide newspaper business software systems, today introduced iBuild, an automated ad building application for newspapers.

iBuild helps newspapers and specialty publications to quickly and automatically create ads with a uniform layout for print or online use. It does this by allowing newspapers to pre-define the information it wants to capture for different types of ads and displaying that information in data fields that can be quickly populated through pull-down menu options or by typing information. For example, an iBuild automotive ad would have fields for year, make, model, price, and more that would be assembled in to an ad template defined by the newspaper. Likewise, an iBuild real estate ad would capture information on city, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, price, etc. iBuild is flexible and scalable, so that there are no limitations to the number of data fields or ad templates that can be accommodated.

After the user enters the information needed to make up the ad, they have the option to upload a photograph. Once submitted, the application automatically generates a print-ready ad. And, as an added upselling feature, iBuild provides real time dynamic ad-building where the same ad content can be applied to a variety of ad templates. For example, with a simple click, a real estate liner ad could also be previewed in templates that incorporate a picture of the property, a photograph of the agent, or a “new listing” ad banner.

In addition to the traditional order entry process, iBuild can be used by customer service representatives when taking phone orders, or by advertisers when deployed as an online self-service application. When installed as an online web service, an advertiser places their order and enters their ad information from the newspaper’s web site. This option provides easy access for all advertisers, and serves as a time-saving convenience to regular clients such as car dealers and real estate agencies who may have a large amount of ads to place.

Ads produced through iBuild make it easy for readers to scan print ads for specific information, and online ads can be quickly searched according to information captured in the data fields (year, make, model).

About PBS
PBS was founded in 1989 to provide the newspaper publishing industry with flexible and scalable business systems to manage their circulation, advertising, production, business intelligence, and financial operations. A strong service orientation and extensive experience in the newspaper market has resulted in a series of industry innovations from PBS, including the first fully integrated enterprise solution connected through a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Today the company’s MediaPlusâ solutions are installed in hundreds of newspapers of all sizes, at points around the globe. PBS corporate headquarters are in Chicago with additional locations in Minneapolis and Montreal, Canada. For more information, please visit www.pbs.com.


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